Today is the official launch date of the BOXY token!
The token went live at 12pm PST.
The BOXY token is minted on the WAX Blockchain.
If you do not have a WAX wallet you can create one for free.
The total supply of BOXY is 23 Million.
Coins are being sold at ~$1.00 USD on the Alcor Exchange.

Why create a crypto-currency?

The currency will forever live on the WAX Blockchain.
Crypto-currencies are the future of money.
Anyone can participate in the buying, selling, and holding of the asset.
Value will be built by adding utility to the token.

What is BOXY?

BOXY is a project experimenting and implementing new blockchain tools and techniques.
Since 2018, James Devlin has been the lead of the BOXY Project.

We have a token!

The BOXY token is a fungible digital asset.
It can be held by user accounts and transferred to other users.
Staking features will be added soon.

How to buy BOXY

BOXY Token is available on the Alcor Exchange.
BOXY/WAX is the trading pair.
To purchase BOXY you must first acquire some WAX.

Last modified: August 24, 2021