Project Road Map (DRAFT)

Pre-Phase – Fundraising 💸 Fundraising using sales of BOXY Token on WAX. Prototype plan finalization (shipping container/warehouse/both?) – Cost Analysis BOXY Token staking smart contract development and deployment. Final White Paper published. Phase 1 – Build Prototype 🐠 Shipping Container/Warehouse Prototype begin build Initial Testing and Preliminary Output Benchmarks of aquaponic system. Test inter-system smart... » read more

Water  Line – White Paper
Water Line – White Paper

We are beginning to realize the scope and impact of the blockchain on established and emerging businesses. Companies can now operate more transparently by creating and consuming information on a public blockchain. Seamless interactions and transactions are being facilitated by programmable fast digital marketplaces and sets of contractual terms, known as smart contracts.

Early July Update
Early July Update

June was a great month! I have fully jumped into the NFT space! By creating content, uploading to the blockchain, and releasing NFTs, I have learned a lot. Getting whitelisted on AtomicHub feels great. Using Nefty Blocks to create packs and blends is a lot of manual work, but very rewarding. It is simply fun... » read more